Since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, she has gradually opened its market for foreign countries. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of entry barriers for different products, especially food products as they have direct influences to the health of civilians.

While these entry barriers mean threats and risks to less competent or even illegal market players, there are opportunities to companies like CQF who possess extensive knowledge, experiences, and networks to cope with the complicated regulatory framework and business environment of China. CQF help foreign food plants to enter China.

China market research and analysis

Our years of experience in supply chain management and international trade make us familiar with the cultural difference and difficulties facing foreign enterprises when they try to do business in China.

We offer executive summary or complete market research & analysis and feasibility study about the latest market situation and government policy for foreign food plants before they attempt to enter China market.

China foreign food import certification administration

The import of foreign foods is highly regulated in China. Furthermore, China has a complete different mindset and philosophy when dealing with laws and regulations. To make good things happen in China, foreign companies do need local wisdoms.

We provide all-round consulting, agency and due diligence services to help foreign food plants in obtaining the necessary certification, accreditation, compliance and administration procedures to export food products to China market.