While CQF is an integrated food supply chain management service provider that handles a wide variety of food, we would like to introduce two types of food and beverage that worth your special attention.

Frozen meat

When a country grows richer, it consumes more meat, such as beef, pork, lamp, chicken, poultry, and their by-products. In addition, we have to put in one more item for China market, offal.

In June 2015, it was reported that “China seizes 40-year-old meat in crackdown on smugglers”, which has trigger a widespread social concern about food smuggling and food safety in China. Since then, there are more signals showing China government is fighting food smuggling fiercely and continuously. This sharply decreases the supply of frozen meat, and provides large room for food trading companies who are in full compliance to the relevant regulations.

Frozen meat trading, which used to be an old-fashioned industry in China, is evolving to a star now.

CQF make family have good quality meat
CQF bring good quality wines to China


Counterfeit wine is a long lasting issue in China. In fact, people in China have assumed the wine they got in restaurants or clubs are counterfeit. Recently, China government has started to rectify the situation. For example, Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Alcoholic Beverage Examination Centre, which is located at Qianhai, has started to operate in May 2015. The geographic origin identification system in the centre can enhance the traceability of imported wines.

China has a long history of consuming liquors, but tasting western wines is still a new experience to its emerging upper and middle class. In 2014, wine consumption in China has only accounted for 2.6% of the total liquor consumption. In terms of per capita consumption, China is only 1.24 L/person, while the figures for France and Hong Kong are 45 L and 5.3 L respectively.

We believe the growth of imported wine consumption will accelerate, which provide huge opportunities for foreign wine producers and sellers. CQF is ready to bring them to China.